My first blog…ever

Ah, my first proper blog and yet words fail to come to mind. Where to start? What to do? Well…

Um, I love long walks on the beach and picnics in the park :roll:. Seriously though, I’m just a regular guy who just happens to be privileged to be a father to an adorable baby girl, happily married husband to a beautiful wife, son to loving parents, brother to the most wonderful (and entertaining) siblings, I’m a friend, an entrepreneur, an optimist, a motivator, a problem solver and at the core of it all, a God-fearing man. That pretty much sums up the high-level of who I am, as this blog grows, so will one’s insight into an extension of my personality.

So why a blog? Maybe is has to do with my passion for writing, or perhaps the fact that I like to express my thoughts in words. On the other hand, being blessed to network with new and interesting people on (almost) a daily basis, I’ve come to not only understand people a lot better but also realised that we tend to be so caught up in our own world and comfort zone that we feel and inflexibly believe that the trials and tribulations we face are inimitable to us only to realise that many of us go through parallel issues. Hopefully through this platform, one will realise just that.

So sit back, relax and I hope that you’ll enjoy this journey with me, that in some way, big or small, it can make a difference to you. If at the end of the day I’ve impacted just one person or even a person a day, then I’ve at least succeeded in making a difference in someone’s life.

Here’s to brighter days ahead 🙂



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