I am legend

I’m not Will Smith but I Am Legend…sturdy words, profound proclamation but oh so true. Today marks the evolution of ME. Today I see a paradigm shift…a shift from what I once was, to more that I can be.

I woke up this morning and finally realised that I am whole. I and the “man in the mirror” have finally become one…and everything’s so much clearer now. I’m no Superman but I will save the world. I’m no Saint but I will make a difference. I’m no Santa but I will infect every face with a smile. Today’s all about being a better me, an innovative me, a complete me.

No more beating myself up about what could have been. No more fearing what may become. As I sit here with a sound mind, I vow to make every millisecond of every moment count!

Was this the purpose to my countdown you might ask? Well that countdown was really anything you wanted it to be but so as to not make it all pointless, yes there was and still is a purpose and reason behind it all, but no, sadly this is not it.

This is simply me freeing myself from the shackles that have held me back for far too long. This is simply me taking control of what has always been mine from the start – my life. I will reconcile for nothing less than the best because I aspire not only to be the best but give the best. I’m only as derisorily frail as I make myself out to be and that’s something I cannot and will not stand for.

Today, the boy who became a man now becomes a living legend. Arrogant some might say but alas, it’s merely one individual finally believing in himself and on the road to discovering his full potential. Great potential I might add.

For the first time in what can only be described as “long overdue”, I feel so alive and nothing and no one can take that away from me. It’s time to start making a difference starting with me…and then you, her, him, them. This is the ripple effect, let’s execute it…let’s leave a legacy for future generations. Let’s all be legends in our own right.

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