Happy 1st birthday princess

It is said that there are milestones in life that change a person’s life permanently and often make one a better person whether it be marriage of the birth of a child. Seeing as my wedding anniversary isn’t too far off, I thought I’d focus on the latter in honour of my princess’ 1st birthday.

Looking back, I recall the mixed emotions I had at discovering that we were pregnant. On one hand was a sense of elation and tears of joy. On the other, was the fear of whether or not we were ready for it and if I’d be a good father. Fast forward twenty four hours and elation became the dominant emotion and despite my fears, I made a promise to do my best to be the best husband and father I could be.

The road leading to the birth of our daughter was not an easy one. From financial strain to health scares, we were challenged at every avenue and went through obstacles that would have broken up most marriages but through prayer, support from our loved ones and our determination to work through all trials as a team, we came out happier than ever.

Forty-five minutes from now will mark the actual time that my daughter was actually born, 21 days earlier than expected. The 48 hours preceding her birth were probably the most difficult for us simply because we went through another health scare which improved only to have gotten worse when my wife’s water broke. The next few hours were subjugated by constant phone calls and my wife’s doctor waiting for me to make a decision because both the baby and mother’s lives were greatly at risk.

I won’t go into too much detail but I will say this. 20 July 2013, 20h15 was a huge turning point in my life. Suddenly, everything made so much more sense than ever before. I’ve spent every moment of every day since being grateful for having been blessed with two wonderful people in my life who have motivated me to be the best man that I can be to such an extent that even that, in my opinion, would not be enough to live up to just how amazing they truly are.

Watching our little girl grow up has been an experience that I will forever cherish. There are moments that I get excited about the next phase of her journey into a young, beautiful woman and at the same time, I just wish that time would stand still so that I can enjoy her infancy a little longer.

So, as the hour of her birth approaches, I really can’t sum up what and how I feel any better than I did earlier in the evening, If there is one moment that can be defined as the proudest moment of my life, it would be the birth of my dearest little princess. Feels like just yesterday that you came into the world yet here you are, 365 days later, grown up and more beautiful than ever. I’m eternally grateful and privileged to be your father. May looking back on your first birthday always be a reminder of the joy you’ve brought to many and that you were, are and always will be loved. I love you always.”